Here at Lethbridge Dental, we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. But, unfortunately, many Australians are missing at least one or more teeth, and the impact can be devastating for self-confidence, and losing multiple teeth can be prematurely ageing. Dental implants can restore your missing teeth. Imagine smiling confidently again and enjoying favourite foods that may have been off the menu for years.
Understanding your needs and concerns is our primary focus. We take the time to assess each patient considering dental implants carefully, and your initial visit is your chance to discover much more about this innovative treatment. Then, we set aside plenty of time to answer all your questions, determining the best implant solution to provide optimal results.


When you lose a tooth, the entire tooth is removed, including its root. A dental implant has a tiny screw that replaces the tooth root artificially and is the next best thing to having a natural tooth. The process to insert the implant screw is quick, typically taking only an hour or so to place a single dental implant. Once in place, the implant screw bonds with your jawbone, so within a few short months, it is strong enough to support a replacement tooth.
A dental implant tooth looks just like a real tooth. We design all implant teeth carefully so they support your facial features and muscles correctly. In addition, there are many other benefits in choosing dental implant treatment, including:

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem. Dental implant teeth will restore your ability to smile confidently, feel strong and stable and have excellent functionality.
  • Clear speech. People who have lost multiple teeth can struggle to enunciate words. Dental implant teeth make it easy to speak clearly.
  • Protect oral health. Dental bridges use natural teeth as anchors, requiring these teeth to be substantially reshaped, leaving them at increased risk of infection and decay in the future. Dental implants are self-supporting, so remaining natural teeth are left intact.
  • Greater food choices. When you wear dentures or are missing multiple teeth, it is harder to eat certain foods. Dental implant teeth are comfortable and have greater biting strength, so it is easier to eat more nutritious foods, protecting your general health.
  • Convenience. Dental implant teeth are easy to care for, and there is no need to worry about removing and reapplying messy, expensive denture adhesives.
  • Durability. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and, with the proper ongoing care, should last for many years, and often, for life.



Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Provided you are over age 18, are in good dental and general health, you are almost certainly suitable for dental implants. Dental implants can be very useful for anyone a bit older and who might have struggled for years with loose, uncomfortable dentures. However, if you have medical conditions affecting your immune system or smoke, this can affect healing, and we will discuss suitability in greater detail with you, providing you with all the information needed to make an informed decision. We also discuss how to care for dental implants, as a regular oral care routine and continued professional dental checkups and cleanings are vital for maintaining strong, healthy implant teeth.




Lethbridge Dental offers a range of implant treatments:

Single dental implants: replace a single missing tooth or replace more than one missing tooth in different areas of your mouth

Implant bridges: replace multiple missing teeth that were originally side by side, so there is no need to replace every tooth with an implant.

Full mouth dental implants: restore a complete arch of missing teeth. Options include a full arch dental bridge, and All-on-Four, using as few as four dental implants to hold a complete arch of teeth.

Our Technology

We want you to experience the very best and most comfortable dental implant treatment. We use high-quality titanium dental implants, and treatment is planned and placed using computerised technology. First, a cone-beam CT scan of your jaws provides detailed 3-D images to plan your treatment optimally. Once we are satisfied, a surgical guide is created from the treatment plan and used during surgery. Using the surgical guide ensures we replicate the treatment plan accurately and that implant placement is quicker, smoother and more comfortable.


“We want to ensure paying for your dental care is as stress free as possible,
we strongly believe great dental treatment should be accessible to everyone.”


Once we have assessed your oral health, we can provide a treatment plan showing the predicted costs. You can pay in full or choose to pay in instalments. Dental implants can cost as little as $56 a week, so there is no need to wait for your new smile.