Emergency Dental Penrith

A dental emergency can be painful and even a little scary, which is why when you need us, our friendly dental team is here to take care of you. Please don’t worry, as we will soon ensure you feel more comfortable.

How Quickly Can I See an Emergency Dentist?

We make every effort to see patients in pain or discomfort as soon as possible, usually on the same day. During your initial appointment, we will provide emergency care to relieve discomfort and pain, and we use the latest technology to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. You will most likely need to return for further dental care.

Which Dental Problems Need Urgent Treatment?

Any dental problem that is painful or uncomfortable needs treating as quickly as possible, but certain dental issues require urgent care.

What Type of Emergencies are Treated?

  • • Avulsed (knocked out) teeth
  • • Toothache
  • • Chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • • Dental abscess
  • • Bleeding, painful gums
  • • Wisdom tooth problems

Knocked Out Tooth

If you knock out a tooth, you must see a dentist straight away. If we can replace a knocked-out tooth during the first thirty minutes to an hour after the accident, there is a chance we can save it. Retrieve the tooth holding it by its crown (the part you usually see). Rinse off any visible dirt but don’t scrub the tooth clean. If you can, store it in a little milk or your cheek (taking care not to swallow it) and come and see us immediately.


A toothache can be caused by a serious tooth infection and needs urgent care. Come and see us immediately or visit the ER if your toothache has caused facial swelling, if you have a fever, or feel generally unwell. Without treatment, a severe toothache can become life-threatening. If you do have a toothache, it is better to come and see us as soon as you can. A tooth infection cannot clear up without treatment, and the sooner we can help you, the greater the chance we can save the tooth.

Some dental emergencies are unavoidable, but good ongoing preventative dental care can reduce your risk of tooth infections caused by untreated tooth decay or pain caused by gum disease. If you or another family member love to play sports, ask us about custom mouthguards, which will help to prevent dental injuries.

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